KanTiang Beach in Ko Lanta, Thailand was voted Top Beach in Thailand,

& No. 9 in the World in the Travel section of the The Sunday Times on October 11th, 2009.

The Perfect Moment in Time
Koh Lanta is living that window of time where the rhythm of life is slow even if one eye is on the island`s soon-to-grow popularity.

Found in Sawadee, Thai Airways’ Magazine, of February 2007.
Article is written by Michael Spencer and photography is by Christopher Wise.
(If any of the above object to this article being accessible here, contact manager@kantiang.se and it will be removed.)

What to do
, when you visit a place you enjoy so much that you want to keep it a secret? Do you play down its merits in the hope that fewer people will go there, or do you tell the truth and risk it being overrun?
I faced just such a choice after a recent visit to Koh Lanta, a big, beautiful island in Southern Thailand that seems to have it all: gorgeous, mostly empty beaches, a mountainous interior covered with abundant tropical forest and a small but good selection of hotels and restaurants with a sprinkling of funky bars and cafes.
Koh Lanta is hardly unknown; it has even been billed as the next big thing on the Andaman coast after Phuket. But so have Phangnga, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi, and until now the island has slumbered in blissful obscurity, just below the horizon of mass tourism and the big tour operators. Given its natural charms, this situation will not last forever, but for the moment Koh Lanta is a delightful, laid-back destination where the roads and the beaches are generally empty and the rhythm of island life is wonderfully slow and relaxed.
There is no shortage of lovely islands in Thailand, but what sets Koh Lanta apart from better known ones like Koh Samui, Koh Chang and Phuket is that right now Koh Lanta is at that perfect moment in time when it is just developed enough to enjoy in comfort but not yet at the point that it has begun to lose its idyllic charm.
A holiday on a deserted island may sound like a great idea in theory but in practice you really do want to have a few other people around to enjoy it with, not to mention the opportunity to have some creature comforts like a relaxing massage and a choice of dining options. Koh Lanta can satisfy those who just want a simple bungalow near the beach and others who crave the luxury of a five-star boutique resort with all the extras.
As a result, Koh Lanta tends to attract a more discerning type of visitor, more independent and apparently capable of enjoying themselves with simpler and natural pleasures than just shopping and partying. As yet there is no Patong-style entertainment zone, and nothing even remotely resembling a shopping mall anywhere on the island.
Koh Lanta's low profile could also be due to the fact that the island is still a little off the beaten track. There is no airport on Koh Lanta itself and most people arrive via the more popular Phuket or Krabi by speedboat or ferry. A newly inaugurated hydrofoil service from Phuket to Koh Lanta via Koh Phi Phi has now cut the travelling time to less than two hours of very smooth and comfortable sailing.

ALTHOUGH IT WAS THE START OF THE CHRISTMAS HIGH season, the ferries were full of locals returning from shopping expeditions to Krabi town rather than tourists. Typical for Southern Thailand, many of the men were traditionally dressed in sarongs and the women generally covered their hair with gaily colored headscarves. Elderly men huddled together on the deck with their ornamental birdcages, bringing their precious charges home from a songbird festival.
The season of the monsoon rains was clearly over; the sky was a crisp, deep blue and the outlying islands were sharply etched in silhouette on the horizon. As the ferry glided alongside the pier at Saladan village, the northernmost point of Koh Lanta, a row of picturesque wooden restaurants built on stilts over the water came into view. These cater to new arrivals with menus featuring
Typical Thai dishes as well as standbys like mango lassi and banana pancakes.
Strolling around Saladan it soon became apparent that Koh Lanta is very popular with Scandinavian visitors. Apart from the locals, virtually everyone in the village seemed to be blond and some of the shops even had signs in Swedish and Finnish on display. Koh Lanta actually has two Swedish-language schools, set up so that the kids will not miss out on their lessons while their families spend up to six months on the island escaping the cold, dark Scandinavian winters.
The well-surfaced main road runs slightly inland along the entire length of the west coast. This is where all the best beaches are found, stretching lazily one after another for nearly 30 kilometers to the southernmost tip of the island. Northern beaches like Khlong Dao, Phrae Ae, Khlong Khoang and Khlong Nin were the first to be developed and are all well serviced with bungalows and a handful of new resorts.
But 1 was heading to the deep south of the island, where thickly forested hills and cliffs plunge dramatically into the sea. The southern bays of Kantiang, Nui, Khlong Jaak and Mai Phai are all fringed with perfect crescent beaches of fine sand that are some of the best in Thailand.
On the slopes above Kantiang bay, the Pimalai Resort and Spa commands a spectacular seascape over the Andaman Sea. The first upscale resort to be built on the island, Pimalai is still the premier boutique property on Koh Lanta. Its standing was enhanced last year with the opening of 39 luxurious and beautifully designed pool villas that nestle in the wooded slopes above the bay. Franck de Lestapis, the convivial general manager is, not surprisingly, a big fan of Koh Lanta. A native of Bordeaux, he has called this island home for six years already and is not thinking of going anywhere else soon. "This is like Phuket and Samui 20 years ago," he enthused, "perfect beauty without the crowds."


It was heartening to see that the architects at Pimalai had made a conscious effort to blend the resort in with the vegetation and preserve the natural surroundings as much as possible. A magnificent, centuries-old banyan tree, for example, instead of being felled was made a centerpiece of the design and now spreads its branches over a stunning infinity pool and terrace restaurant.
As a long-time resident, Franck was obviously the person to ask about what there was to do on Koh Lanta, and during a fine seafood barbecue I put the question to him. Visit Lanta old town and the lighthouse at Koh Lanta National Park, he replied without hesitation. "Later, I will tell you about Lanta by night," he added with a Gallic wink.
Taking his advice, early the next morning I drove on south towards Mu Koh Lanta National Park. The tarred road ended a short distance out of Kantiang bay, and without a four-wheel drive vehicle I wouldn't have made it much further. The road was little better than a jungle track skirting the edge of the cliff with thick jungle on both sides. The forest air smelled fresh and sweet and through the thick foliage I caught tempting glimpses of the coastline 100 metres below.

I passed the deserted beaches fringing Nui, Khlong Jaak and Mai Phai bays and finally abandoned the car by the side of the track and walked the last few hundred metres to the park entrance. Only 137 square kilometres in size including 15 offshore islands, it is one of the smaller national parks in Thailand, but no less beautiful for that. The views along the coast and of the surrounding islands from the lighthouse on Cape Ta Noad are quite spectacular and well worth the trials of the road to get there. There is also an exhilarating jungle walk starting near the park headquarters lined with some of the biggest tropical hardwood trees I have seen anywhere in Asia.
Heading north once again to Khlong Nin, where the road branches towards the east coast, I came across a local market in full swing. Koh Lanta's equivalent of a shopping mall, the 20 or so stalls were selling an eclectic mix of clothes, shoes, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish as well as tools, household necessities and tasty Southern Thai dishes and desserts.
In the area are a number of interesting limestone caves worth exploring but it's advised to use the services of experienced locals as guides to avoid getting lost in the subterranean and labyrinthine passages.
Lanta old town used to be the biggest settlement on the island and although it is still the administrative centre it has now been superseded in size and commercial importance by Saladan where the car ferry docks. Perhaps this is just as well because Lanta town is now a time capsule, with its old teakwood shophouses lining the main street and fishermen's shacks on stilts over the water.

IN MARCH EACH YEAR, THE LANTA FESTIVAL HELD HERE IS dedicated to bringing back the old times with musical and dance performances and of course lots of traditional food and snacks. The festival is also a chance to see rare Sea Gypsy dances and music performed by these gentle folk whose village is situated a bit further down the west coast.
For a different experience from the beach, it is now possible to spend a few nights in Lanta town at the Mango House home stay made up of restored wooden shop houses overlooking the island studded bay.
Joining Franck later that evening at the Aqua bar on the beach of Kan Tiang bay, we savored something of Koh Lanta by night. With just a handful of other revelers the atmosphere was chilled and relaxed as we sipped our cocktails and watched two very fit young Thais put on a fire-twirling show.
I got talking to Saffron, an Englishwoman who runs the Scuba Fish dive shop next door and asked her what made Koh Lanta special for divers. She told me that due to its location, Koh Lanta is much closer to some of the top dive sites in Southern Thailand like Hin Daeng and Hin Muang than Phuket. "We have some great diving around here, and the best thing is that there are rarely more than a couple of other boats around," she confided. According to Saffron, the nearby island of Koh Ha has 20 to 30 meters visibility year round offering cave diving, pinnacles and walls loaded with soft corals and all sorts of interesting smaller marine life like seahorses and frogfish. The lagoon on Koh Ha also has some of the best snorkeling in Thailand in water only three to five meters deep.
My days on Koh Lanta passed all too quickly. Here, months could slip effortlessly by one tranquil, lazy day after another without noticing. I wish I could tell you not to go to Koh Lanta, so I could keep this lovely isle all for myself, but that wouldn't be fair. Koh Lanta is a place everyone should have the chance to enjoy at least once in their lives.

Reviews from Trip Advisor

“Perfect place for a quiet vacation!”
Reviewed November 8, 2011
Fantastic view from the big villas all day, from waking up in the morming to the sunset, followed by the lightning-covered horizon at night. Well equipped villas, and the friendly staff was very helpfull with all of our requests. They were wonderfull! 10 minutes walk to the beach/restaurants/beach. We rented a scooter(200baht/8euros pr day) that got us around. Nice beach and a few nice restaurants close by. We will return!

“Second visit and still out of this world”
Reviewed October 24, 2011
We last visited Ban Kantinag See Villas last March, and so looked forward to our second visit. On arrival the first thing we noticed was the new road going up to the resort, the owners are investing to make our stay more comfortable and access easier. We were warmly greeted by the staff and taken to our Villa. The staff here are excellent, helpful, warm and focused on making our stay out of this world. Again our large shopping list was collected from Saladan, only extra charge was 100 baht for this service. Laundry is charged at 60 baht per kilo and returned the next day. I also took advantage of the foreign currency exchange, the rate was 48 baht, to UK pounds sterling, which is excellent.
I won't write too much as the previous review by Jodyodea was excellent, and a very accurate account of the experience here.
I also must offer an update to my previous review on BKTS, the cleaning of the Villas is now excellent and of a very high standard.
As for developmental feedback, I would like to see improvement in the quality of bathroom amenities, such as shampoo, shower gel. Also within the Villas it would be nice to have a few plants and maybe cut orchids to add that finishing touch, of home from home.
I can see myself coming to BKTS for many years to come and am already looking to return in March 2012 and October 2012. This place is truly paradise and excellent value for money.
Room Tip: The view of Kantiang Bay is excellent, however most people miss the beautiful sunsets looking over towards Phi Phi Island which can been seen from balconies of the Green, Purple, Red and Yellow Villas. We also found an excellent local Thai restaurant called Kantiang restaurant, its not in the reviews as yet. However it is 200 metres south of the 7-11 on the road towards the Pimalai Hotel, as the road inclines, you will see a road to the left and it is just there.

“A perfect week in excellent accommodation”
Reviewed October 15, 2011
I have just returned from 6 nights at BKTS with my wife and we were so impressed with the standard of the accommodation as well as Kantiang Bay itself - together it was the perfect holiday.
Some comments in other reviews are a little odd, and there is also some points worth mentioning that I haven't seen in other reviews. So I will try to rectify that here.
In simple terms, the villas are just stunning - with a contemporary layout, huge balcony, epic views, gorgeous bedrooms and great mod cons (i.e. computer, wifi, satellite TV). It's unlikely you will ever have a better view while washing in the semi-outdoor shower. We slept with the blinds open so we woke every morning to Andaman sea views. Plenty of comfortable furniture inside and out. Lovely bathrooms with some nice toiletries supplied.
The kitchen was decent enough - 4 gas rings, coffee maker, blender(!), microwave, toaster - but no oven. It's worth noting that they provide some basic cooking supplies to get you going - and some bits for your first breakfast, and they stuck some beers and soft drinks in the fridge as well as enough drinking water to last a week (2 people anyway!).
I was very impressed with the layout of the development, and the infinity pool more-or-less in the centre is really as beautiful as the photos - we couldn't believe it! It helps that we were offered a really great low-season price, and the weather was pretty much perfect. We had one big storm which was actually quite exciting to see come in from the sea - and it was fun to watch it under the safety of our balcony canopy! Lovely gardens throughout and lots of nature to be seen if you have a keen eye.
Getting there was fine - we took a shared mini-bus from Krabi (200THB p/p) which left us at Khlong Nin - and we were picked up there by the BKTS driver.
Alot has been written about the road up to the villas, and I really don't understand what the fuss is about. The villas are built on a hill-side (as is obvious from the photos) and naturally you have to get up there somehow! It's a steep lane, but easily walkable if you are reasonably healthy and mobile - we did it at least twice a day. It's a 10 minute stroll from reception to 7-11 (I timed it!). You will only need transport if you have mobility problems, or are planning lots of day trips. You can rent mopeds at reception.
There is a 7-11 in the village down below, but it does not sell ANY groceries - just snacks, drinks (inc. beer) and breads - so you might want to stock up at a supermarket on your way there. If your coming from Krabi, then you should factor in a trip to Tesco Lotus (it's beside the airport) and load-up. Any private transfer driver should would reasonably allow you this stop-off. The only supermarket on Koh Lanta is in Saladan, 20 mins drive away, and it wasn't worth the drive. It's pretty awful and pricey too.
To be honest, there is a range of great little restaurants in the village, all good value for money - so we didn't feel the need to cook meals. Drunken Sailors serves western breakfasts and burgers, pasta etc - so you won't be caught short. You can also order a selection of Drunken Sailors' menu through reception - there will be a menu in your villa.
Any negatives? Only minor things really - not worth mentioning as anything we asked of reception they were able to sort straight away (fresh towels, extra pans for the kitchen, change the bins).
Overall this place is just fantastic, especially when you gaze across the bay to the 5 Star resort on the other side - the only difference is the price! I really can't recommend this place highly enough. And Kantiang Bay is the perfect little spot to be based. We will be coming back next year for another low season holiday!
Room Tip: All villas are identical have exceptional views to the sea. White and yellow villas (and orange villa to a certain extent) have the most private feel as they are furthest down the hill (also a slight bonus when walking back from the village), whereas all other villas have balconies which overlook the pool area and pathways. If you have children it would be preferrable to have one of these - particularly the blue villa. That way you can watch them play in the pool from your balcony.

“Your own little house for the price of a room”
Reviewed October 5, 2011
These villa's are awesome. great views, comfortable furnishings, free wifi, a nice pool and your own kitchen. Everything you would want for a family or group holiday if chilling is your thing. The basic restaurants in town serve good cheap food and there's a 7-11 in town to get all your groceries. You do need transport of some kind so it's more of a place to stay if you're an independant traveller than wanting a resort with all the resort trappings.

“wonderful place for family vacation”
Reviewed August 24, 2011
this is the most beautiful place i visit. the view of the villa is great and all my family loved it very much.

“Great view, spacious villa, lovely pool”
Reviewed April 25, 2011
We found the villa at the last minute and decided to book it right away when they offered us 50% off the usual rate. What a bargain right?
Our ride from the airport was a fancy new 4WD. Our driver Musa spoke good English and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Even though we arrived at the villa at around 10 in the morning, they already have our room ready for check-in. Although not all the staff were able to communicate fluently in English, the friendly attitude of the staff and constant smiles on their faces more than make up for this minor inconvenience.
The villa is situated a bit far away from the main village, so we decided to hire a car to travel around, plus the driveway leading up to the villa was just way too steep and uneven. At the end of the day, we felt really bad for the guy we rented the car from as the road was so bad its really only meant for 4WD.
They do not provide fresh towels everyday because the laundry only comes every few days. I don't know if this only happens during the low peak season or if its the norm.
On the last 2 days of our stay the power went out in our whole suburb for a few hours. I was told its common during low peak season. If you are the type that needs air-con to sleep in the tropics, this can be a major problem. But since we were only paying 5000baht a night, we weren't complaining. If I had to pay for the full price, I think I would have felt ripped off.
My favorite is their salt water infinity pool. I wanted to stay in there forever. The view from our villa is spectacular and the hammock in the balcony is great for enjoying the stars and cool night breeze. Please bring lots of insect repellent! You will need it

“"What a view"... Priceless!!”
Reviewed April 19, 2011
We flew into Krabi on 12 April and stayed a night at Anyavee resort ....before heading onto Ko Lanta the next morning... the sun was out... and browsed weather forecasts saying there would be little or no precipitation the following days.. so we were set... we rented a SUV and drove down... it took us a bit longer to reach.. due to the songkran festivities on the road... with all the color..and buckets of water being splashed around... guess a holiday is not complete without a fun mix of weather, location, cuisine and people... getting to Baan Kan Tieng was easy ... with gps on our phone.. do recommend mobile.google.com (maps.google.com). The climb to the resort was dicey... the road is mostly rubble.. and would think twice before driving up or down in the rain.. .but once at the resort... it was pure heaven... the white house is amazing... 2 decently large sized rooms with attached bath rooms all tastefully done... great detailing... felt like home on vacation.. and great living area with a huge fully functional kitchen.... the icing ofcourse is the largest sun deck with the most spectacular view day or night.... of the bay and star lit night sky.. simply gorgeous... having full wifi internet access and all media hooked up to the LCD was a bonus... we mostly ate outdoor but did stay 1 rainy night in... i was surprised by the prompt service and courteous staff... being late and stormy they managed to deliver our meal on time + threw in a couple of cornettos without any fuss... i would recommend the villas on higher ground for older couples...... but if you dont mind the climb up and down.. .the white house perhaps has the best view....that said.. the villas are all designed to have a view of the bay... if you are looking for a home away from home... relax, space, freedom, privacy and a spectacular view... then this is the place for you... if you are looking for a resort experience... then would recommend layana or pimalai.. the only difference is you would be paying double and get half the experience you would get at Baan KanTiang See
Stayed April 2011, traveled as a couple

“Great terrace, fantastic views”
Reviewed April 11, 2011
The villas are really spacious, with good facilities. The pool is very beautiful. Kantiang Beach is only 800m away, but the road down from the resort is very steep and unmade (though I believe it is going to be made up soon). Going down is difficult, going back up is exhausting.
There is a friendly restaurant immediately at the bottom of the path, the 7-eleven is a further 5 minutes' walk.
The staff were friendly and attentive, but the daily housekeeping left something to be desired - only 3 cups, batteries in only one of the remote controls, bath towels not changed daily, shower extras not replaced, no tissues, no hairdryer, inadequate tea towels.
But these niggles failed to upset a stunning setting and a most enjoyable stay.
Stayed February 2011, traveled as a couple

“Fantastic place if thisvis what you are looking for” ****
Date of review: Mar 7, 2011

I think there are not many places like this. If you are looking for your own little house in thailand this is unbeatable!

The villas are huge, plenty of space and great facilities. The pool is exceptional and incredibly nice and fresh.

Fir us wit very small children thiugh a couple of things turned iut difficult: the road to the beach is very very steep and so for us only taxi was the choice (which was fast and not very expensive). Add to this that there are no restaurants or shops really around close and you become a little isolated. Of course, if not for our small kids this could have been worked around fairly easily and eg hiring a car is an option.

The staff was the best we have met in our entire trip though, sooo friendly and attentive. They can bring food from restaurants, get you things from supermarket etc etc. They allowed us a little earlier checkout since our youngest had priblems with the steep paths for which i am very thankful!!

All in all if you are looking for your very own place, you have it here. Quiet, great views and fab pool!

“All we could ever dream of, and more” *****
Date of review: Feb 20, 2011

We are just back from our first family trip to Thailand, staying three weeks at the Baan KanTiang See. It was really all we could ever dream of, and more. The apartments are modern, well equipped, lots of space and has a really nice and homy feeling. Our apartment had two large bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms (with amazing open air showers) and a huge terrace. It was perfect for our family but could also be great for one or two pairs of adults. The apartments are nicely positioned on top of a hill with an amazing view over the KanTiang Bay.

Staff at the Baan KanTiang See was extremely friendly and helpful. They helped us with everything from arranging trips, room service, grocery shopping, cleaning, washing of clothes and driving us wherever we wanted to go. Ordering food at the room service is highly recommendable.

Baan KanTiang See also has a really nice outside area and an amazing pool. And the pool is not busy, as you could expect. Even though we visited during high season, most of the time we had the entire pool to ourselves.

Koh Lanta is an amazing island with lots of things to do and places to see. We can especially recommend the Mangrove Kayaking, Scuba diving and snorkelling, Bu Bu Island and cooking classes at Time for Lime. Another tip is renting a scooter if your family situation allows it. We did and had an amazing time exploring the island.

From all the apartments we saw and visited during our stay, this is by far the nicest. We highly recommend staying at the Baan KanTiang See, and guarantee that we will be back.

“Paradise made in heaven” *****
Date of review: Feb 12, 2011

What can I say.......what a wonderful experience, amazing views, you pay the price, by walking up the step hill to the villas. The staff are amazing, helpful and friendly. You can arrange your shopping list and the staff will collect from Saladan for 100baht. I needed foreign exchange, my money was taken and exchanged in Saladan, free of charge. If you need beers or soft drinks, the reception has a fridge with this in for a small fee. The 7 11 at the bottom of the hill, only sales alcohol, after 5pm.
The pool is amazing, yet quiet, with only a few guests using it. Tours are best arranged from Kantiang bay, we hired a long tail boat visiting 4 places for 4500 baht, which is for private hire. I would recommend this place.

My only developmental feedback is, the room cleaning was very poor. Two maids came to clean our room. One carried the cleaning bucket and sat on the sofa the entire time. They did as little as possible. On arrival there was still dirt on the floor, with pencils and small children's toys. This was mentioned to receptions, but nobody returned to clean. The cleaning of the TV involved wiping her hand along the top. The cleaning of the floor was like a comedy sketch. It did make us laugh.

Hopefully the hotel management will read these comments and improve upon. Yes we did address the issue with reception !!!!!!

YES i would still recommend.

“excellent, seriously excellent.” *****
Date of review: Jan 30, 2011

quiet and cosy, situated up on a hill side, with excellent views of the sea.
each bungalow has 2 double rooms en suite showers that are open air. the only glitch is that it can get very windy hence making showering a chilly business. the wind also slants the water that flows from the shower head making showering a tricky business.
beautiful pool situated at an edge overlooking the sea horizon makes swimming a pleasure.
kitchen is fully equipped, take this opportunity to shop around ko lanta for ingredients and make yourself a pleasant meal. drinking water is provided.
living room is spacious, has a flat screen with access to cable tv and a pc as well with free internet and wifi connection for those with a lappy.
staff are very friendly and helpful. ask them for recommendations for places to eat and visit, their suggestions are quite good. they have no restaurant, but you can order from the reception, they will order from the restaurant situated at the bottom of the hill. Not very tasty though, but the price is not too bad.
Each bungalow is priced at 10000Baht originally. but they had a promotional rate of 5000Baht. but they further deducted the rates to 3500Baht when we decided to stay another night. so all in all, it is an excellent deal for such an awesome accommodation.
the drive up the hill is not paved, but gravel. so renting a scutter or vespa might be a problem as the ascend to the resort is quite steep and treacherous when it is raining.
definately a place to consider for those wanting a relaxed and romantic place to stay that doesn't burn a hole in their wallet.

“Our little peice of heaven” *****
Date of review: Jan 18, 2011

My boyfriend and I have just arrived back from spending 10 days staying at Baan KanTiang See Villas. I cannot reccomend this place enough - absolutely perfect to celebrate turning 30. The views over the beach and surrounding areas is just beautiful, the villas have everything you need to relax into your stay and the pool provides the most special views I have seen in Thailand before. The staff are friendly and attentive and always willing to help with any questions you may have, as well as making your stay as comfortable as possible. Be prepared for the walk up the hill (it's a killer) but you can get taxi's easily from the reception (complimentary bus to and from the beach at 10am and 2pm) We'll certainly be back.

“Excellent choice for family” *****
Date of review: Dec 22, 2010

Koh Lanta is a laid back, quiet island. The Baan Kantiang See Villa is a pretty cluster of "private" villas centered around a pool, perched up on a hill overlooking a quiet beach and small cluster of shops and restaurants. We prefer total privacy when we rent a villa, but this was the best we could find at the busy Christmas season. The villas were very well laid out, the service was EXCELLENT, the location was just grand (sunsets are beautiful!). We rented a car most days, but you can walk down the hill to the beach and to restaurants if you want a day without car. Hint: The Jungle View restaurant has really nice food and great service!

“Highly recommended... Maybe my fave place in whole of Thailand....” *****
Date of review: Dec 8, 2010

My girlfriend stayed here with 3 of her friends and enjoyed it so much that when my parents came out we all stayed here again!

Consists of 8 or so large villas... all with incredible views. The photos on the site don't do the near 360 views of sea and forest justice. The villas are very comfortable, lots of different places to sit, large amount of private outside space both covered and uncovered, fully equipped kitchen, tasteful decoration, strong wifi, cable TV, air-conditioned bedrooms, two large bathrooms - one of which enables you to shower looking out on the ocean. Good sized shared swimming pool.

The service we got was excellent. The staff are very helpful and discreet - they quietly go about their business making sure your villa and the environs are clean and tidy. You can dial reception and order meals to be delivered from nearby restaurant or food and drink to be delivered from supermarket. It arrives at your door within an hour with seemingly no mark up at all.

Situated a 5 minute walk from Kantiang Bay Beach. It is a relatively steep walk up from the main road to the villas... but absolutely worth it for the view and the tranquility once you are up there.

I heavily researched alternatives in Kantiang Bay and considering the quality of the accommodation Baan Kantiang See represents very good value for money.

“A "pearl" of total relaxation & beautiful view” *****
Date of review: Dec 7, 2010

Me and my girlfriend stayed 10 days at this beautiful new resort. It was the perfect place to spend my very late summer holiday. The staff was very friendly, and always ready to help you with whatever your needs. The whole resort has a fantastic view, and the swimming pool area really is superb place to be.
It´s a 10 minute walk from the resort to the beach and several nice restaurants and some nice laidback atmosphere bars.
I think this is the closest you get to not being stuck in a place full of busy tourists, although it feels like there are many things to do if you tend to not spend your holiday by the pool / beach.
I will most certainly go back !

“Exelent” *****
Date of review: Aug 31, 2010

It was a quit place. Few tourist's. Many things to do if you rent a car

“Exclusive” *****
Baan KanTiang See
Mar 27, 2010
We where a group of 11 with 2 small children and 3 teenagers,and the children was thrilled to be at the Baan Kantiang.They could play around and swim in the popular swimmingpool,and we could keep track of them all the time.
It was very quiet and relaxing up in the hills of Kantiang,and you get a very exclusive view of the beach.

“Full of exceedingly beautiful.” *****
Baan KanTiang See
London, United Kingdom
Mar 25, 2010 | Trip type: Friends getaway
I stay here about a week. What is more beautiful. You can see the view around. If most beautiful sunset I have the opportunity to return to live here is certainly exists. And I will recommend friends and relatives to come live here as well.

“Perfect Holiday” *****
Baan KanTiang See
Mar 21, 2010 | Trip type: Family
We were a family of 9 who lived here in 17 days. It is a wonderful place that we are already longing to return. The houses and the swimming pool is absolutely fantastic with a view you can only dream about. Would also like to thank the employees who helped us to book soom very nice day trips too islands around.
We will come back.

“High class!” *****
Baan KanTiang See
Mar 18, 2010 | Trip type: Business, Family
We are a family from Norway. We lived at Kantiang See for 3 weeks.
What a view! What a pool! What a perfect paradise!

“Love at first sight” *****
Baan KanTiang See
Mar 18, 2010 | Trip type: Family
Stayed at Baan Kan Tiang See for to weeks. 6 persons included 2 children. It was our first trip to Thailand, and we simply fell in love with the place. The villas at BKTS was beautifull situated on a hillside with nice view to the sea. We just loved to sit at the large terasse and enjoy the sundown and the quietness. We also discovered several good resturant near by. The beach,10min. walk away, was just beautifull, with white sand and the clearest water. The villas contains to bedrooms, to bathrooms, livingroom and kitchen with all you need for cooking. Very nice decorated and all new, with plenty off room. We also loved to walk in the nice garden or take a swim in the swimmingpool, where we also could enjoy the wiev. The stab where friendly and serviceminded and did their best to make our stay comfertable. We will be back. Regards from Reidunn og Kåre, Arendal Norway

“The best place for holliday - ever” *****
Baan KanTiang See
Mar 16, 2010 | Trip type: Family
We are a ecxended family from Norway traveling, 3 generations, 6 persons including 2 children.
We have been in Thailand before, this stay was absolutely and difenetly the best place to stay.
We stayed all in one of the 8 villas. There was plenty room for the 6 of us. The villa was placeced next to the pool, with a fantastic wiew to the beach, and the sea.
The villa consists of about 200 square meters living area and a huge balcony about 100 square meters.
2 large sleeping rooms with dobbelbeds in both, 2 large bathrooms, a very large open kitchen with everything you need.
A big living room with nice funiture and a brand new huge LCD screen and computer.
All you need is here.
On the huge balcony there is a big table for 8 people. and other nice funiture for relaxing.
Next to "our" villa there is a totally amazing pool overlooking the bay.

“because you are worth it” *****
Baan KanTiang See
Feb 28, 2010 | Trip type: Family
We are a family from Denmark traveling with 2 small children.
We have been in Thailand 15 times and this place is absolutely and difenetly one of the best places we ever stayed.
we stayed in one of the 8 villas placed on a beautiful hill side, overlooking Kantiang bay and the small village "Baan Kantiang".
The villa consists of about 200 square meters living area and a huge bacony about 100 square meters.
2 large sleeping rooms with dobbelbeds in both, 2 large bathrooms, a very large open kitchen with everything you need for cooking thaifood or europian food.
A big living room with brand new huge LCD screen and computer.
All you need is here and everything nicely decorated in thai/europian style, thai cultural element mixed into minimalistic style in wich we just loved.
On the balony is everything, even a bamboo hammock in wich the children stayed most of the time. A big table for 8 people and everythig made of look a like teak wood.
Near by the villa is a totally amazing pool overlooking the bay and a fantastic sunset.
You can easily stay 8 people here, 4 extra matresses you can use and lots of space to put them.
We stayed 7 days, but not enough so we have to come back.
we payed 5000 bath a night only, for this paradise.
We come back in July and will stay a least 1 week.
Peter and Sandy, Copenhagen


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