Green season – high season for some ;-)

Most places still call it Low-Season, but at KanTiang Bay , its business as usual! For some activities its actually High Season. So with a bit more rain for our plants, lets just rename it, Green-Season! The temperature and the food is Same-Same, and the air is very fresh after a rain-shower. With prices down to a third of the High Season prices, why not give it a try. You will usually get quite a lot cheaper plane-tickets as well. We are getting a lot of bookings this green season, but you might still find yourself an available Villa.

 Scubadiving with Scubafish.
Do have a look at what Scubafish , down on the beach, has to say about the Green-Season. By the way, they stay open all-year!

  For Koh Lanta Watersports, Green-Season is High Season
Koh lanta Watersports has their high season during May trough October and here you can learn why. Offering Surfing, Windsurfing, Kite- Board and Standup Padle, for both kids and adults. Located further North on the Island, but do also use KanTiang Bay.

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